A Letter to Mr. Thurmond about the Blight taking place in Lithonia, East Decatur, and Stone Mountain Ga.

There are just no words.  It is not understandable how Mr. Thurmond, you are just unable to act and seemingly just don’t give a Dam about the reality of Blight taking place in Lithonia, East Decatur, and Stone Mountain! Blight that was never in our community until you took office and suspended our basic services. Blight that could be easily stamped out if only you would enact and carry out a basic Action Plan! 
We have laws on the books that simply are not being enforced.  Much of the blight is caused by negligent uncaring Businesses that have no care and no basic proper standards.  Our Storm Drains, Curbs and Medians have not been properly cleaned since you took office. The intersection of Redan Road and Holcomb Road in Decatur is a perfect example of your failure to act. It is nasty and disgusting with debris, litter, grime, and weeds. All of streets look filthy and un-kept because of the weeds, trash, grime, and debris. During rain our roads are flooded because of the clogged storm drains. Side walks are not usable because if there is a guard rail, then the weeds and Kudzoo are so overgrown that people cannot walk on the side walk. Snap Finger Woods Drive and Redan Road are examples.  Driving conditions are completely hazardous because the brush and weeds along road ways is hanging in the road and blocking clear vision conditions. You need a comprehensive roads and drainage plan for our community. Along many sidewalks the mowing is being skipped and the weeds along them are 4 feet tall. Redan Road and Wellborn Road are perfect examples. Why are over flowing exposed Dumpsters the NORM?? 🙁
No Business should be allowed to have an over flowing exposed Dumpster Ever! I have included my latest report to code. I have reported these Businesses, each no less than 50 times, and there is absolutely no change in their conditions and actions!!! 🙁 
You have heard directly from many citizens in my community with the exact same complaints! Only you have the power and the ability to enact policy, An Action Plan, and change that the community is desperate to achieve! There are so many decent, hard working citizens having their quality of life destroyed by your inaction and negligence! 
By: Andrea Chait
Below is a small list of Businesses in the Community that need to be Addressed! 
3085 Midway Road 
Decatur Ga 
Illegal Business in a Residential Area! Junk and Trash Covering the entire front of the Home yard!! Repeated Violations on a daily basis. This is the biggest Disgrace Ever!
Trash, Discards, Furniture, Clothing, Tires, Junk!!!!!!!!!! Blight!
4807 Redan Road 
Stone Mountain Ga 
Tires used as Display Advertisement on the Easement. Visible Used Tire Storage ! Open overflowing Dumpster on a daily basis! Blight!
3864 Redan Road 
Decatur Ga 
Abandoned, Over grown disgrace!  Blight
3209 Covington Highway
Decatur Ga 
Texaco : Daily Over flowing exposed Dumpster. Litter and Trash all over the parking lot! Over grown Grass and Weeds! 
1050 Holcomb Road 
Decatur Ga 
Exxon Gas Station: Daily Over flowing exposed Dumpster! Litter all over the parking lot and Easements. All around the establishment in the road, and along the medians there is trash and litter! 
6061 Redan Road 
Lithonia Ga 
This is a Tire repair shop that has set up in a residential neighborhood. Junk and Broken cars are everywhere! Litter all over the parking lot and surrounding environment ! There are Hills 10 feet High of shredded tires. Scrap Metal is all over! This is an industrialized business that is Blighting and Destroying a Residential Community with Junk Yard conditions!!!
1173 S Harriston Rd   Harriston Square Plaza
Stone Mountain Ga 
The entire plaza is a disgrace that needs to be Pressure washed and Painted. This includes all the walkways. There are NO Trash Cans available. Trash and litter are everywhere. No one cleans. The parking lot is pot holed and oil stained. The parking lot needs to be paved and painted. Trash and litter all over the parking lot. The grass and weeds are over grown! 
4787 Redan Road
Stone Mountain Ga 
Redan Package! The parking lot is a junkyard disgrace! The owner is Responsible for anything that occurs due to the Wing Trailer that he leases to and allows to operated on his property! There is a broke down old Ice box being used as an open exposed dumpster with loose trash. There is scrap metal stored in the parking lot. Part of the North side of the building has had hap hazard repair of sheet metal that is not painted to match the building but left Silver and exposed. The repair clearly would not pass a building inspection! 
3429 Covington Highway
Decatur Ga 
Meads Discount Doors and Family Dollar
Trash and Junk all over the parking Lot
Litter every where
Exposed discarded pallets. Dirt and grimy parking lot. 
1544 Wellborn Road 
Lithonia Ga 
Redan Mercado Plaza 
Litter and Trash Everywhere! Pot holes. Not properly paved parking lot. An uneven unpaved disgrace simply had parking space lines painted. 
There are not enough sufficient Trash cans. The Trash cans are not emptied in a timely manner!  Litter is everywhere all the time.  

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