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Fashion Faux Pas
Obvious Reasons Why Your Outfits Look Cheap

Fashion Blogger – YasMina Stylez

First and foremost, this blog is not for the “thin-skinned”. My fashion
faux pas blogs are written specifically to educate and to prevent people
from constantly looking a hot mess. So with that being said, let’s discuss
why so many people are thinking they’re “dressed to the nines”.

I’m about to drop
some jewels on how to “fashionably” fix your life.
Does your outfit fit nicely and looks tailored or it looks like it’s
straight off the clearance rack and ill fitted. If it’s ill fitted and seams
gathered up, that’s a dead giveaway it’s cheap looking. Who wants to
walk around like their buttons bout to pop off or that the length of their
sleeves and pants are inches longer than their extremities? Chile, like
those suits guys wear when they’re facing jail time in court or on Easter
Sunday. It looks cheap and terrible. Take the 1990’s Steve Harvey suits
to Goodwill – please and thank you!
Lace, embellishments, mesh, sequins, and embroidery – please be
careful. If these pieces are not high-quality, the best you can do is layer
with a blazer or cardigan because you will get side-eyed for looking
cheap. One thing I absolutely hate is seeing cheap looking lace and
mesh apparel. That ain’t cute, at all! You looking like you stuck in the
1980’s. A Cyndi Lauper clone. I can’t deal!
I’m about to go in on these vegan leather um “pleather”, so-called
patent leather, and this cotton swab looking – fake fur trend. Cheap,
cheap, cheap looking! Don’t be out here looking like a clown. Got on

patent leather (plastic) shoes long as duck feet. Do better! If you
already struggling to put an outfit together, it ain’t gonna work for you
anyways. If you’re not a fashionista or style connoisseur, keep it simple
or hire a personal stylist. Lastly, take your wardrobe staples to
alterations, and burn those worn out jeans. That is all!


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