Meet… Hailey Bankhead a eight year old Cancer Survivor

Meet the beneficiary of our 6th Annual Cancer Benefit Fashion Show Hailey Bankhead a eight year old Cancer Survivor from the Pinl Lady Fountion.

1/15/13 What seemed as a normal day I picked up Hailey from pre k and her teacher told me Hailey was not herself today. I took her to Choa – urgent care and was diagnosed with backed up consipation. As we were about to be discharged the dr said she wanted to run some xrays just to be safe. Well about 30 mins goes by and she comes back and says Hailey is admitted to Egleston do you want to drive her or would you like us to fly her there…Huh why I can drive her. The doctors began talking about tumors but I was unaware of what they were talking about. It seemed if everyone was talking in code. We got on the road and all I could think was we are going to be in traffic. BUT God opened up the highways on that day there was no traffic during rush hour and we got there quickly. We arrive and there waiting for her. Still no one has given her diagnosis. The doctors wanted to speak with us regarding what was happening and this is when our lives changed. Hailey was taken up to her room. Dr’s nurses in and out. So they wanted to do emergency surgery. I was a nervous wreck. Surgery was scheduled for the next day because it was spreading. Hailey was diagnosed with Stage 4 wilms tumor and stage 2 Lung cancer. Hailey’s treatment consitent of 7 months of chemo, 30 days of full body radiation and lung surgery. August 2013 Hailey’s lung surgery put her in remission. Hailey is still fighting the side affects that was caused to her body. Hailey goes in every 5 months for maintence care.



I started the Hailey Bankhead Foundation on her behalf and for others that have been affected by childhood cancer



See Hailey Bankhead on the Runway at this great event Oct. 16th 


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