Illuminati: The Urban Effect

Illuminati: The Urban Effect


This particular subject has recently been the center of much debate in the urban communities across the country. The effect it has had on the new era of hip-hop and our youth is where our focus will be in this editorial.


First let me begin by saying that like many of you, unknowingly I have used terminology and/or hand signs that have been directly attributed to the Illuminati. What happens after that is people will automatically connect you with some type of organization. The lack of knowledge and proper information will easily have anyone categorized, leaving one to think about issues in ignorance. Nevertheless, conspiracy theory or not, it has become a large majority of our lives, especially in entertainment and hip-hop specifically. Throughout history there have been numerous amounts of conspiracy theories, some of which have manifested that there was no conspiracy but truths. If we were to look at the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy, the 2012 phenomenon of the Nibiru collision, alien abductions, the Bermuda Triangle, the Apollo moon landing, Pope John Paul I and Aaliyah, we will here the shouts of conspiracy. On the flip side, there have been conspiracies that were really not that have been exposed like Watergate in 1972 and the Niger uranium forgeries in 2001. Now we are in 2016 and this is where we are today with the community and its attention to very popular and famous individuals accused of partaking in “devil worship” or being involved with the Illuminati and “blood sacrifices”. Our focus turns us to well-known actors and entertainers that have been accused of such behavior. Most recently, the magazine cover that shows 50 Cent and Souljah Boy in a most peculiar setting for two men, to be more specific, portrays an image that has been attributed to Illuminati affiliations.


This leads me to artists and entertainers like Jay-Z, Puffy, Kanye West, Samuel L. Jackson, Ving Rhames, Michael Jackson and Prince that have been said to be involved in the Illuminati. The question isn’t if they are Illuminati, but are they controlled by a society that was formed on May 1, 1776. Are they part of a movement that was initially formed in Bavaria of freethinkers or part of a more modern conspiratorial organization looking to form a New World Order? How interesting to know that this nation that we live in was declared independent just two months after the creation of this group. This group, the Illuminati, has been said to control the world, as we know it. From secret societies to hand gestures and eyewinks this organization, no matter how conspiratorial, has played into the psyche of a many people today. Is it not smart for us to consider for a second the certain rise and fall of particular individuals in the entertainment industry, as well as politics? Politics will be another day!


Young people in urban communities are very aware today of the conversations around the secret society. It has gone so far as to speak on the Black Elite and many of the other popular artists that are deceased and considered to be sacrifices for the Elite and its puppets. The sign of the Baphomet, a pagan deity of Christian folklore, referred in transcripts of the Inquisition of the Knights Templar and representing Satanism, is seen in many of the videos, shown by many of the artists and are worn on clothing targeted to the urban community. Artists are looked upon to have “made it” or reaching the “next level” if they reach a certain status to where they will be approached by a member of the Elite. Comedian Dave Chappelle walked away from 50 million dollars and has vaguely spoken on the entertainment environment. Tupac spoke out publicly against the organization bringing some “light” to the situation. Michael Jackson used symbols and language in his music to inform people of the evil. Others have succumbed, given in or ran from the pressures of the industry just to gain “success” or have “peace” of mind. How bad do you want success in an industry that will approve of you selling your soul or sacrificing your family? How deep is too deep in an environment that obviously has control over your every move? Can you get in and get out if you want of a contract that seals your blood with the stroke of a pen?


Finally, the urban community really needs to focus on the technology and resources to provide adequate education for our youth. The most powerful tool we have is the truth. The truth about how we can sufficiently ensure our future. The future within every individual that wants the best for the masses to bring truth and knowledge that will shine “LIGHT” on all that needs to be illuminated.

Stay Focused!!!

William “Bo” Martin




One thought on “Illuminati: The Urban Effect

  • October 29, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    Myth, deception that’s what it’s all about right the belief that it could be. A distorted focus so you can miss the big picture. EVERYTHING is a sacrifice. I think the superpowers that exist have a certain standard that keeps them were they are and feed of the unfocused through deception and ignorance, it’s the thought that I got to have this and that, that kills us all. CONTROL is the key to survival if you cut of the head then everyone else run around confused instead of capitalizing on what was left behind for people to use for a greater glory it’s swept under a rock pile and we are left with confusion and what could’ve been.


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