In your face motivation


“On days you don’t feel like it, do it anyways. Never let how you feel at the moment effect an opportunity that can generate changes for a lifetime!

When it comes to adopting a new behavior that will promote a positive change in your life, understand it will be challenging and the motivation may not be there; but, also understand this is temporary.

The quickest way to overcome this temporary hurdle, is define “why” and create a plan to execute your “how”. Everyone’s “why” will be different, but identifying your “why” before your set any goal or take on any challenge is vital to attaining and maintaining long term success.

The next time you get down and out, replace your feelings at the time with an unwavering purpose to preserve! Accept no excuses, keeping grinding, and never stop moving.”

Kenyatta Darell Mitchell
“Never Stop Moving”


One thought on “In your face motivation

  • July 19, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Excellent read. Very insightful.


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