ATL Cougar – Dating Young

ATL Cougar: Sherri Mack

Queen of the Eastside


Amid this technology driven, materialistic, work hard and one can attain almost anything society, we are bombarded with many taboos. In this juicy article we will attempt to deal with one of those. The topic of Cougars has been met with certain objections, much more than their male counterparts. The libido of the female has in past times been subjected to scrutiny. Both male and female question for the most part, why a younger guy?


Sherri Mack was born in Atlanta, Georgia’s Henry Grady Hospital. She and her ten siblings, some of which were adopted, were raised primarily by a loving mother that has always been her best friend and the one in which she often confides. This petite, attractive lady with the soft smile was raised in the projects on the “Westside” of Atlanta. She has attained numerous goals, which include a Masters of Cosmetology, working with the Government and more extensively with Bronner Brothers fashion shows, all very evident in her classy look. Recently, I sat with Sherri to discuss this topic:


Urban Spice: Define cougar and your views.

Sherri:             A cougar is simply an older woman that likes and dates younger men. There are two types of cougars: women that pay (money, gifts, cars, etc…), which are called “Sugar Mammas” and women that prefer young men without the gift giving, unless mutual. 6 years older than the man and for me the youngest would probably be 24. I love their nice physiques. Also, I like how aggressive they are and the free spirit they portray. They are not always serious and it makes me more relaxed which makes it easy to communicate with them. However, I will date older men, but they just don’t seem to seek after me.


Urban Spice: Why is it better for a young man to date you or older women?

Sherri:             I do not ask for their money I have my own. Young women have more needs and wants from men, like keeping their hair and nails maintained. The fact that I am so laid back and can take care of my own, I don’t experience the drama.

Urban Spice: Are you intellectually attracted to young men also or is it mostly physical? And does size matter?

Sherri:             For the most part I date either respectful college educated or the entrepreneurs. No saggy pants and must have their own. Yes, size matters and I prefer average to large (smile).


Urban Spice: Can it be physically exhausting with young men?

Sherri:                 I do ok. The tiring comes from them wanting to go clubbing every night. That I can’t handle and work won’t allow.

Urban Spice: Tell me about your first encounter with a younger man and who usually initiates.

Sherri:                 When I was around 30, I met a young college basketball player, one of those like at first sight, and he was very athletically built (smiling). Usually, after I have flirted from a distance with just the right smile and showed my dance moves, a man will come over and start a conversation.


Urban Spice: How do younger women feel after you seeing you with these men? Do you get hate or praise? Does your family support this lifestyle?

Sherri:                          Some respect and give props; others hate and feel threatened. My family and friends are very supportive and behind me 100 percent.


Urban Spice: When and if you decide to get married, what is the youngest age that you would consider?

Sherri:                   I would prefer age 35 or above. I feel the maturity factor would not be there for marriage with a 20 something young man.


Urban Spice: In your own words talk to our readers.

Sherri:                 I am a professional that can easily change from skirt and pant suit to jeans and hip-hop attire. I try to enjoy life. The experienced, educated and culturally rounded lady I am, adds to the allure of young men. I will say to women, whatever your preference feel well about yourself and be confident. If a young man is on your horizon go for it.


Article and interview by J Stone