Love and Money #RELATIONSHIP

Love and Money
     Whether you met your significant other in the grocery store, the club, work, or at church. There is some force in the universe that brought you two together, something that could define what kind of relationship you will end up having. Whether love at first sight or lust for each other’s bodies, mind, or money, relationships are created daily by one simple move on life’s behalf.
     Money is said to be the root of all evil, but what happens when two motivated, business minded, go-getting individuals lock eyes. Financial stability, and dare I say gain, can build an empire. Women draw to successful men faithfully, looking for a comfortable life and minimal worries.
     A paycheck is necessary to live period. Not a whole lot can move on Love alone. Without income how long can Love successfully last?
     Standards are set across the globe for someone who can afford to please them, not only sexually but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. As of 2017 men are asking to be proposed to and catered to on dates. Love and money seem to go hand in hand.
     We do all have to eat don’t we? No one likes having to do Everything in a relationship, including spending money. Some what equal, working, and goal striving individuals can flourish, and be optimistic about the future. Planning trips and making dates? A great future can be made when two individuals strive for better, together.
Author B Moore

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