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Arguments can consume a relationship until you are ready to strangle each other. Differences of opinion seem to fuel long spited debates leaving both of you feeling drained, dragged, hurt, alone, confused, ready to give up, and feeling unloved.
Like cheating, Divorce is also high.
Those who aren’t getting a divorce are holding things together “for the sake of the children.” Some couples would rather let their children watch them argue day to day, than live separate and somewhat peaceful lives apart.
Before you sign those papers, pack all your things, and move away, maybe you should decide to work on you relationship just……. “for the sake of your relationship.” Try growing together, being open with one another, communication and back rubs..
Cuddling reduces stress and eliminates confusion. Intimate Relations not only feels good, but is healthy for the body and releases built up tension for not only the men but the ladies too.
It trips me out when I see couples who have been together for years just up and decide to let it go. We have argued until that thin line between love and hate became just hate. A lot of us have forgotten how to love.
Caressing, rubbing and massaging each other should be your first steps to forgiveness. If you are dealing with someone who you can’t stop thinking about, talking about, and seeing….you’re probably with your soul mate.

BY.  Brittany Moore

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