My name is Dr. Angela Harris
Founder of THE REBIRTH OF THE B.L.A.C.K. NATION, Owner of BPUTV Radio.
Dr. Angela Harris is 44 years old and a native of Columbus, Ohio.Dr. Harris a very educated
Black Woman has a (BS) in Business Information Systems Administration from DeVry
University, a (MS) in Social Work with a focus of Education from Keller University, and an
(PhD) in Theology with a focus in Divinity from Ashland Seminary College, Finally a
certification (PhD) in Human Resources Development at Capella University. She is a Single
Mother Of 6 children , Grandmother of 12 and a Role Model to many.
Although Dr. Harris has chosen to become the woman God created her to be, it was not because
she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her book that she is writing Faith In The
Struggle showcases her struggles that started before she was even born.
Her grandfather brutally shot and killed her grandmother in front of her mother and then killed
himself when her mother was 16 years old. Three years later her mother met her father who she
thought was her Casanova and eventually gave her virginity to. Her first time was the creation of
Dr. Angela Harris. Her mother was bamboozled by her now child’s father. Shortly after she
realized she was pregnant she also found out that her child’s father was married and also had 20
plus children.
This lead to Dr. Harris’s struggles because her mother worked long hours to try to forget about
her pain. This left Dr. Harris as a target to people that her mother should have been able to trust.
Dr. Harris was molested and raped as if it was a normal thing to do, which made her struggle
mentally, and it eventually became a homicide spirit that wanted to kill everyone who hurt her.At
15 Dr. Harris was again raped by an in-law that impregnated her. She had her first child at 16
although everyone else including her mother wanted her to abort child. She moved in her first
apartment at 16 with her then friend that encouraged her to keep the child. Her friend took the
responsibility of fathering her child. He was a drug dealer but also owned the label Notorious
Records. and they now have 5 children at the age of 20. He became very jealous which led to
abuse in all areas. Dr. Harris was in and out of college but once she finally received her
Bachelors Degree in Business information Systems / Management she didn’t stop. She wanted a
Master Degree. She finished on the Dean’s list with a 4.0 as she majored in Social Work with a
focus of Education. The obstacles didn’t stop her which were many. She was determined to do
what everyone said she couldn’t do.
Dr. Harris was wrongfully incarcerated in 1999 – 2001 with a 17 year sentence. That still did not
stop her. Dr. She did ghost writing for her work to become multi million dollar projects that are
shown on National TV. Dr. Harris created several programs that are used in the Ohio Penal
System.She also fought her own case from inside the walls of prison and won. The State Of Ohio
had to release her and pay her for everyday she was there and pain and suffering. That put her
back on her education kick. After coming home and being a mother that was once again very
active in her children’s school as a PTA Parent etc. Dr. Harris decided to go back to school after
she answered her call to Ministry. now she has completed her PhD in Theology / Divinity. She
waits 6 years and moves to Atlanta GA. Both Of her Children’s Fathers were incarcerated for 17
years for drugs and guns. This caused a lot of tribulations because all of the children were
growing up. Dr Harris has been a business owner since before she was incarcerated in 1999. now
Doctor Harris decides to give one last shot to education. She decided to obtain another PhD this
time in Human Resources Development in 2011.
Now you have Dr. Harris is a Elder, Visionary, Ghost Writer, Film & Music Writer Producer,
Public Speaker, Life Business Coach, Radio Personality, Change Advocate and also wears
several other hats. Dr. Harris monitored the Entertainment industry for 12 years before she
realized that her ministry is not confined to the walls of a building called the church. Although
she understands the necessity of fellow shipping with other’s in the Christian Faith, she also
understands the necessity of embracing all of God’s children regardless of the religious tactics
that have been used to keep Black People divided against ourselves. Because of her life’s
experiences, I am willing to go into places that most try to stay away from.
Dr. Angela is the Owner/C.E.O of The Black Kings & Queens Worldwide the HUB of THE
REBIRTH OF THE BLACK NATION which is the umbrella of her conglomeration of
businesses and power movements.
* BPU TOP MEDIA which includes – BPUTV, BPU RADIO, BPU Network Connection
* The Kings & Queens of America International
* Young Bucks Productions Entertainment Community (Atlanta) which includes *BPU Film,
Music, Poetry Community
Dr. Harris the Founder and Executive Director and Producer of the upcoming school “On The
Set Film and Music Training Academy which she wrote the curriculum for the teachers focus
and training.
Dr. Harris has served as the President of the Atlanta Chapter of “The National Association of
Professional Women and was awarded the 2016 Woman Of The Year Award.
Dr. Harris has a passion and has been chosen to change the world by bringing BLACK PEOPLE
together in unity no matter the nationality or religion. She is the Founder of The Because We
Care Change Rally, which is now THE BLACK PEOPLE UNITY FESTIVAL, THE
Dr. Harris has served on the Pastoral staff at the Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church, where
she was also a member of the Prison Ministry, Angel Tree, and The Altar Workers Ministry. She
also attended at New Life Tabernacle where she served as an Elder on the Pastoral Staff. She
now attends The Dream Center Atlanta The Elizabeth Baptist Church.
Dr. Harris has also served as the Founder of Giant Killers Mentor-ship Program which was
implemented through the Columbus Ohio Public School System where she worked as a
substitute teacher for special needs children. She created and facilitated The Detour Program,
and Women Bonding with Children in the Ohio Penal System.
Dr. Harris has been successful at writing business plans, mission, vision statements, and grants
for several non-profit organizations. As well as writing motions for prisoners release to the
judges in the Ohio Penal System. Dr. Angela Harris also served as the Community Affairs
Coordinator for The Association of Association of Southern Movie Workers.
With a passion of community development, black businesses and family, and a love for the arts
(writing and expression through film and music), Dr. Harris is ready to conquer the
entertainment industry that represents “God Over Everything” so that our children can grasp on
the positive and not the negative.
Cautiously working on her novel, “Faith in the Struggle” which will also be an upcoming film
about her life, Dr. Harris has already written several compilation books, such as “The
Psychology of Incarceration”; “The Divine Order of Family”; and several poetry pieces and
programs while facilitating conferences.
Her favorite saying’s are If it is to be it’s up to Me, “I may have missed my behavior, but my
purpose will never change” and Team Work , Makes the Dream Work and Love Makes the

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