What is Holistic Health and Its Benefits?

What is Holistic Health and Its Benefits?
By: Professor Jamela Franklin

maxresdefaultToday, people globally are informed about health, yet there is still misinformation regarding holistic health. As a holistic health practitioner who specializes in Holistic Life Coaching, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Metaphysics, and Aromatherapy, I talk to individuals about the true meaning of the term-holistic health. It means to deal with the body from a spiritual, mind, and body perspective. So, as a practitioner, I encourage individuals to look at all aspects within their lives to ensure optimal health. Oftentimes, people think that if they eat a proper diet, everything will be fine. They think they cannot get cancer, diabetes, or other dis-eases. This is definitely in accurate. There are several vegetarians whom I know who had cancer because their thoughts were toxic, which created an acidic environment.
Others believe that if they pray, then they can eat toxic foods because God will protect them from all dis-eases. However, this is a very popular misconception. You are what you eat. God, Allah, Jehovah, the Creator of the Universe (whatever name you choose to use) gave us bodies as our temples. So, we are to honor the temple by putting the best foods that are nutritious and life affirming within our bodies. Yet, I have known of ministers, rabbis, and other religious leaders who contract diseases despite their strong faith due to their poor dietary habits
Lastly, the third group consists of the individuals who believe that the mind is the only thing that controls the body. These individuals believe that neither diets nor spiritual beliefs have an impact on their health. They overemphasize the mental aspect of their lives. They believe in the adage” It is mind over matter.” In essence, they exert an inordinate amount of will power within their lives and within the lives of others. Dictators and some political leaders fall into this category. Their successes are temporary. Some have shorter lifespans as a result of the overexertion of the mental will power.
In Holistic Health, the holistic health practitioner explores all of the three components mentioned above to provide the best health for individuals. In future articles, we will explore the different options and the cost effective ways that you, the reader, can use to ensure optimal health.

Professor Franklin’s

Alternative health care fresh herbal ,dry and herbal capsule with mortar on wooden background.
Alternative health care fresh herbal ,dry and herbal capsule with mortar on wooden background.

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  • July 29, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Awesome, can’t wait to see the in depth information on mind body and better eating to take care of our templs.


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