Winter Holiday Season’s Fashion Faux Pas

Winter Holiday Season’s Fashion Faux Pas
Fashion Blogger – YasMina Stylez

‘‘Tis the season not to look a hot mess! Ok y’all had all summer to look “sub par”, and it was
mostly acceptable to the masses. I get it, it was too hot and humid. You weren’t feeling the
attempts to look decent. Heard it all, and regretfully seen it all. Let’s do better this winter’s
holiday season, please.
Ok guys, I’m about to start on your cases early. I understand it’s the almighty football season.
However, jerseys should be worn mainly to sports related events. It’s not a fashion staple you
wear everywhere. I’m so sick of the laziness. It won’t kill you to dress with some effort and at
least keep it casual. Like Jidenna said it best – “I don’t want my best dressed days in the casket”.
Take heed to that all you jersey and ran over sneaker fashion repeat offenders.
Ladies, I guess y’all thought I was going to give out a pass this week. Absolutely not! I’m
about to address this foolery that’s been going on way too long with these holiday themed
“ugly holiday themed sweaters” and these tulles(tutu) skirts. Please let the kids have their
styles. It never fails, y’all grown behinds strutting around looking like you got your entire outfit
out of Justice, Limited Too, and The Children’s Place. Out of order! You had your time to look
and dress like a kid. Let it go!
For every problem, there has to be a solution – right? So, I offer some very simple fashion
tips to prevent you from looking ridiculous at the holiday gatherings. Stop trying to do too
much, simply dress casual. For the guys – a nice pair of properly tailored slacks or denim jeans,
paired with a comfortable button down shirt and blazer, and some nice cognac or oxblood
colored loafers. Easy right? For the ladies – pencil trouser it up with a nice tweed sweater, and
add a nice bootie. It doesn’t take all the “extraness” unless you’re fashionably knowledgeable
to pull it off. As always, I’m judging!


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