After watching what seemed like a movie play for hours I couldn’t wait to sit down and write. I watched two grown women realize that they had been dating the same man for the past year and a half. The devastation and heart break was truly felt by myself and others who couldn’t believe what was going on.
The lifestyles of the two women were vastly different. One was in her 30’s, two kids, a home to call her own, and was somewhat established. The other, a younger woman in her 20’s, a father in prison, taking care of her little sisters, and barely making it.
What really opened up my eyes was the different ways they described “their man.”
Dealing with the older woman, the 27 year old male acted differently, but in some ways the same. He took her boys to get haircuts, planned her birthday party, helped pay bills, and she couldn’t remember one argument that they had ever had. With the younger lady in her 20’s she stated that they argued all the time, and even had fist fights and had broken things in her home. He did take her two little sisters out to eat, took them to get their hair done, and helped her out with the rent.
After a year had gone by one woman called the other. She had to know what was going on when she wasn’t around. She wanted to know where he went when he wasn’t with her. She needed to know who this other woman was. Long story short they met up and had drinks to talk about the lying, cheating, and deceiving man who had been faithful to them both. I asked them, “Which one of you will take him back after you confront him?” Both answered that they weren’t taking him back, but the younger woman admitted that she’d needed him, especially after having two open heart surgeries and his promises to be beside her hospital bed for the third.
Who was the side chick in this situation?
Do not be disheartened ladies. I can only tell you the truth. When you put yourself in a position to need anyone they feel as though they own you. Not working for yourself or feeding yourself puts the man in your life in a “Fatherly Position.”

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